The Coming American Socialist Revolution

New York: 1965. A draft political resolution from the Socialist Workers Party, with brief editorial marginalia throughout. The draft consists of a thirty-one-page preface titled "Canonism In Perspective" followed by a sixty-page statement with sections titled "The Impending Social Crisis," "Leninism As A Strategic Plan of Battle," "The ABCs of Marxism," "The Impending Capitalist Economic Crisis," "From Economics to Politics," "Again--Economics to Politics," "Our Immediate Prespective," and "The World Situation." Throughout the 80+ pages, the Party makes known their growing dissatisfaction with their founder, James Canon, their admiration for Black Nationalism and the student movement, their concerns about apathy among party members, etc. A truly unique look at the inner workings of radical American politics. The edited version of this statement appeared as the SWP discussion bulletin Vol. 25 No. 6 and is credited to L. Marcus and C. Lawrence, which are pseudonyms for Lyndon LaRouche and his then-partner Carol Schnitzer. LaRouche became a notorious figure in the fringes of American politics with his LaRouche Movement, which Adlai Stevenson called neo-Nazis, and his repeated campaigns for the presidency throughout the 1980s and early-2000s. Very Good. Item #4864

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